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Together we can make a difference



Reaching Home is a community-based program aimed at preventing and reducing homelessness. It will provide direct funding to Designated Communities as well as to rural and remote communities across Canada to support their efforts in addressing local needs and develop local solutions to homelessness.




Funding is delivered through the Community Entity (CE) model. The CE, normally an incorporated organization (i.e. community’s municipal government or an established not-for-profit organization), implements the community plan and is responsible for the selection, approval and management of projects​. 



Reaching Home also introduces Coordinated Access as a program priority. Adopting a federal focus on this approach was a key recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Homelessness. The goal of Coordinated Access is to help communities ensure equity of access to appropriate resources, prioritize people most in need of assistance and connect people to appropriate services in a more streamlined way. To learn more, click on the coordinated Access tab in the above menu.

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